Why Bodybuilders Fund the Lifestyles of Supplement Reps

Bodybuilders like everyone else, resent hard work to a point. More than that they lose heart on the hard path to muscled achievement and start to doubt themselves. This lack of resolve leads either to defeatism or magical thinking Testoprime. The latter is better than defeatism but it is the kind of thinking that lends itself to outlandish fantasies of elixirs, magic potions and the like. This is pretty much what the bodybuilding supplement industry is built on. Not so much science as an ability to prey on people’s innate psychological weaknesses.

The science of bodybuilding supplements is not so much science as the veneer, which it appropriates. Science has the sort of standing and authority that in our day is the pre-dominant philosophical system. Moreover its inner workings are privy to a privileged few specialists Brutal Force SARMs. Its not surprising therefore that we are easily misled and awed by anything that seems remotely scientific.

It takes only a picture of a guy in a lab-coat with glasses, a fake sciency sounding supplement manufactures (Advanced Anabodynamic System) for us to go weak at the knees and crave whatever it is they are selling Crazy Bulk SARMs. Slap on a proof-of-concept overtanned meathead with rippling muscles ( product of $20,000 worth of steroids and 10 years in the gym) and we’re elbowing each other to get first dibs of the stuff at GNC.