Flip Out Over Flip Fitness

o What if we told you that the secret to a great workout was as simple as carrying a deck of cards in your pocket? You’d think we were nuts, for sure, but the truth of the matter is that fitness really can be as easy as a 52 card deck called Flip Fitness best cbd thc gummies.

o With Flip Fitness you have a deck of 52 cards that resemble playing cards. Within the deck you’ll find two “water cards” and three “level cards” that explain what the exercises are for each level of fitness. Each suit dictates the exercise you’ll be performing while the number value will dictate how many repetitions you must complete. Face cards and aces indicate different, often slightly more intense, exercises buy phenq.

In order to complete a Flip Fitness workout you’ll choose your level of intensity and start flipping through the deck. Because you don’t know what order the cards are in you never know what exercise might pop up next. You’re constantly fooling your body by never allowing yourself to fall into a boring routine. Once you’re used to the exercises you should be able to flip through the deck of cards for a mildly intense workout that you can complete within 30 minutes best peptides for weight loss. You will, of course, hit those water cards depending on where they fall in the deck. You can either take the opportunity for a quick water break or save the card for later on when you really need it.