Express Yourself – Extreme Decorations and Custom Wolf Necklace For men

You have financial security so now what do you do with your money? Jay Leno decided to collect cars and really get into it. Find something you have an insane passion for and immerse yourself in it. Here are some ideas that might get you thinking.


A fully customized house will truly show your character. A plain old mansion is spacious but it speaks little of who you are. Do you love ancient history? Then build your home as a pyramid! There are houses that are even shaped like boats – whatever it is the exterior should introduce your character.

The interior must be detailed. For instance, a Star Trek fanatic might design the interior to look like the Enterprise. The walls would look like the glass computer consoles and the colors would have to match too. The carpet and kitchen are a great opportunity to use glass with cool glowing lights. An excellent interior makes for great parties!


The garden is one of the few places you can customize to show your character. Depending on the space available, consider yourself fortunate to have a garden. A modest house with a standard garden can be customized with flowers, roses or colorful bushes.

Medium to large sized houses can create thematic gardens. Zen gardens are popular because of their simplicity. If you have 3 or more kids consider building a tree house at the backyard complete with lighting and sleeping bags. Alternatively you can make it a garden for raising special plants and rare varieties if you’re into that.

If you’ve got even more space then build a pond first. The pond should be visible with colorful fish for all to see. If your province has birds that hunt fish, you might need a dog or cat to protect the pond. Add massive trees and let them grow wild. Have a center piece and build white columns or statues that you can showcase. People that dabble in Greek Mythology can have various statues made with fountains too. Open this garden to the public and make it a park.


Sell gold – you can’t carry it around or show it off (unless you take people to your vault). Instead, buy custom jewelry with diamonds that express your character. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes: emerald, radiant, pear, round and more. Choose a shape and see if they come in various colors too.

Some people have a wolf necklace for men. You can do a lot of things with rings, necklaces and earrings today so choose a design that fits you. Research for an exact look or feel because this is something you will be displaying publicly.

Alternatively, you can have a stamp or coin collection. These hobbies take serious dedication but are very rewarding especially when you have a section of your home that showcases these. If you have plenty of coins to showcase check to see if you have any gold coins. These are rare and if a rainy day ever comes you can sell gold coins at incredible prices to get you out of trouble.


Cars are the very common ways to express one’s individuality. Many soup up their cars with larger mags and tires. Others add decorative art. Some are into trucks and make them monster trucks – Batman monster truck comes to mind. Boats and yachts are another form and great way to express yourself. If you want to live in your boat, go ahead. Otherwise, design one where you can have friends over to visit national rivers or the ocean.