Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 10 Review: Together Forever

While last week’s episode of Demon Slayer Merch delivered fast-paced action with an epic fight scene, this week took a darker turn. A shocking death, new information on Muzan Kibutsuji, and some heart-to-heart scenes took us on an emotional ride. Once again we are reminded that this series is as much about Tanjiro’s journey as it is about the tragedy of demons.


The direction demon still has a bit of fight left in him, really giving Tanjiro hell in his final moments. When the demon finally fades away, Tanjiro crawls over to where the others are facing off against the temari demon. While Nezuko is doing her best, Tamayo ends up stepping in and tricks the demon into talking about Kibutsuji. With that graphic death, we finally learn why the trio demon a few episodes back wanted to keep his mouth shut about his maker. With the fight over, Tanjiro and Nezuko head onto another town.

Episode Highlights

Another Sad Death: Oof, Demon Slayer really knows how to push the feelings button. This week’s demon death, the temari demon, was absolutely heart wrenching. The muffled screams and then the final words from the pool of blood – all of it was so graphic.

Blondie is Back: At the end of this week’s episode we got a shot of bad luck blondie from the final selection. I was very excited to see him, but I’m a bit nervous about how his character will be. I’m not a fan of those really silly love-sick characters who have no spine, and it seems that’s exactly what he is. Perhaps I shouldn’t have complained last week about missing the other characters!

It’s all in the face: After ten episodes of this series, I realized there’s one point I’ve never really touched on – Nezuko’s communication. With the bamboo rod in her mouth, she can’t really communicate much except for some grunts and head movements. But, it’s incredible how much emotion and intent is conveyed in the animation of her face. In this week’s episode the shot of her looking at Tanjiro when he considers leaving her behind says exactly what the episode is titled – she wants them to be together forever.

Vindication!!: Hell yes!! Yushiro admitted that Nezuko was a beauty. That’s all I needed from this episode.